Wheelchair History

In this day and age, surely you are familiar with “Wheelchairs”. This type of wheelchair cushions is the most sought after by people today. But do you know when the wheelchair was first created? Unfortunately, until now the discovery of a wheelchair is still not very clear and is still being questioned by many scientists in the world.

Many scientists suspect that the history of wheelchairs began around 6,000 BC in the Mediterranean plains, the eastern Basin which is thought to be the forerunner of its existence. It is thought that it was then that the first concept of a wheelchair was created as proof that the evolution of human thought was able to overcome the physical limitations of humanity itself. This is indicated by the discovery of objects as human aids for walking.

Wheelchairs themselves are aids used by people who usually have difficulty walking with legs, both due to illness, injury or birth defects. Wheelchairs are also easy to find in hospitals, hospitals as well, or nursing homes. The cheapest wheelchairs usually only have ordinary cushions and are driven by being pushed with the help of others, moved by hand, or by using an automatic machine.

When viewed in an era that is completely sophisticated as it is today, the shape of a wheelchair is certainly not the same as before. Scientists develop technology in wheelchairs to enable users to move without the help of others.

Besides being sophisticated, the wheelchair now also has a better model. Around the world, there are special pathways that are made for wheelchair users so that they don’t feel difficulties or get in the way of others. This is done so that there is no discrimination between wheelchair users and the general public.

With a wheelchair and a long history of development to this day, we realize that a wheelchair is part of the development of assistive technology that enables a person to be able to move freely despite limitations.

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