Know the Criteria of Good Web Hosting Here

Many people now have websites and need web hosting so that the website can be accessed by any and in any number of users. This will make their website professional and can affect the local seo experts uk used. A website that uses web hosting will certainly be accessible with a high number of users.

Web hosting itself is considered good when it has several factors. These factors include aspects of performance, price, service, features, to the assessment of users and many more. To find out how good the quality of hosting is of course just known after we try hosting it.

1. Performance and availability
This performance includes aspects of speed and uptime. The higher the uptime percentage value of a server, the better. Good hosting must have at least 99% uptime. The more uptime value approaches 100% the better. The opposition to uptime is downtime. If a server has a 99.5% uptime value then the remaining 0.5% is the value of downtime. Downtime means the server has died so that it cannot be accessed.

2. Price
Cheap and quality is what all hosting users are looking for. Cheap does not mean cheap and expensive or not necessarily quality. The price offered must be reasonable and affordable. You can read the comparison of each hosting price on the reviews we have made.

3. User-friendly
Hosting that is easy to use and not complicated is suitable for users who are first to use hosting. Starting from the ease of ordering, how to use, use tutorials, to the instructions to solve the hosting problem that appears should be prepared by the hosting party. Good hosting usually has all the complete documentation.

4. Features
Complete and many features are also a consideration in choosing a hosting. For example, there are two hosting companies with the same price offering free domain hosting packages and hosting packages without a domain. Of course, there are certainly many who prefer a free domain package because it is more economical and more practical. Besides that, there must be some of you who have certain needs in terms of hosting, for example hosting that can be used for streaming radio and so on.