Leak And Santet Are Two Dangerous Black Magic From South-East Asia

South-East Asia is one of the richest regions with a variety of customs and cultures, even some of these cultures are still widely adopted by some people. One of the things that are still inherent in South-East Asian society is about mystical things left behind and passed down by the ancestors. One of them is black magic. Meanwhile, if you feel like your life is always in trouble, we suggest you to try to remove black magic.

Here are two of the most dangerous black magic and are often used by the people of South-East Asia:

“Leak” magic (How To Read: Leh-Ak)

This black magic is one of the most well-known black magic in the island of Bali. According to this science story, it used to be a relic of a dangerous widow named Dayu Datu.

Day Datu is widely known by the name of the candidate who has the magic power of black magic and has many followers. In the course of his life, that Day Datu has written a book about black magic that is owned which is then called the Book of Calonarang.

In practice, someone who practices the teachings of black magic has a supernatural power that can release his spirit from the body to the supernatural and can change forms such as fireballs, animals and other creepy creatures in accordance with the level of knowledge possessed.

Basically, the knowledge of “leak” was once studied by the royal family which functioned to protect the palace from the enemies, but actually not many people who study this knowledge for negative things that make this “leak “magic into the category of black magic.

Santet magic

Witchcraft is now widely believed that in this day and age it is still widely used usually to carry out acts of revenge against someone he hates.

The cases that were found from the many stories about this magic were that victims who received submissions from the use of this black magic could certainly be disabled or sick that could not be medically analyzed. The worst effects of black magic are even capable of causing death for those who receive terror from witchcraft.